The Dolphin's Surround Heating™ makes styling easy waves

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  • Step 2:
    Step 2:
    Slide the iron through the entire length of the hair at a 45° angle. The Surround Heating™ quickly creates a perfect curl. Set the entire head this way.
  • Step 3:
    Step 3:
    Tease the underneath layers of the hair to create volume. The Dolphin emits hydro-ions™ to seal the bonds, holding the curls in place even after teasing.
  • Step 4:
    Step 4:
    Tease the entire head. Section the hair for the addition of Hi Chic 100% remi human hair clip-in extensions.
  • Step 5:
    Step 5:
    Also use the iron in the same way to curl the full head of Hi Chic clip-in extensions. The Dolphin’s digital temperature controls allows the precise heat, even for bleach blonde hair and extensions.
  • Julian Patterson
    Julian Patterson
    Director of Enginnering
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    Katie Campbell
    Sales Manager
  • Julian Patterson
    Julian Patterson
    Director of Enginnering
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Who we are?

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  • Jean Sweet is an excellent educator, mentor and an inspiring woman. Recently, I had the pleasure to work with her on a project. She was very engaged and dedicated to helping me succeed. I enjoyed working with her and feel much more confident in my skills as a hair artist because of her guidance.

    Jennifer Price, Zano Salons
  • We LOVE Artizen!  We have been using Artizen tools at RED 7 SALON  for a bit and it offers great advantages for our clients as well as or stylists.  They are designed so that the tools help our stylist be creative and produce an at-home ease for our clients hoping to recreate the styles that our professionals designed.

    David Kafer, Owner, Red7 Salons
    Portrait: David Kafer, Owner of Red 7 Salon, Chicago, IL
  • Artizen tools deliver high quality results as it pertains to blowdrying , straightening , curling and styling . The mid titanium flat irons have become a staple in my salon because of the versatility and creativity in styling . The Aritizen Nano blowdryer promotes faster blowdrying time. Its what my team of stylists are looking for!

    Paul Chambers, Owner Paul Chambers Salon
    Paul Chambers Portrait
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