Bold Up Style 1



Jean Sweet, Artizen® Editorial Director, releases a collection of hairstyles with a sixties influence backed by the modern technology of Artizen® styling tools. The old 1960’s wet set using rollers is replaced by the use of the Artizen® Nano Dryer and Dolphin 1.25” Flat Iron. After setting the hair in big bold curls, the hair is back-combed and sculpted into hairstyles with strong silhouettes. “ I love what is going on in pop culture today. Young fashionistas are looking to past iconic looks of the decades from 1920 through 1980 and creating their own style. The influence of the sixties is evident in most of the up-dos of today. For this collection,the hairstyling is complemented of by short fitted dresses in Spring colors. With Artizen® tools, I have the capability of creating many styles with the use of a dryer and one versatile iron.”
hair by Jean Sweet – make up by Jessica Sawicki- photography by Jean Sweet