How to Create the Smooth Dry Hair Cut


Before: Model with naturally dry hair.
Step 1: To prepare the hair for the dry cutting technique, the hair is smoothed with the Artizen Nano Dryer on high heat / high speed, using a finishing hair brush.
Step 2. Starting at the nape of the head, take a diagonal vertical part, slightly elevate and cut into the edges of the hair length using the points of the scissors to create softness around the hairline.
Step 3: Using the Artizen® Mystyler 5/8” Iron, smooth the next section of the hair to be cut. This will allow you to see the hair length to facilitate the ability to cut with precision.
SmoothDryCut_4_steps_Artizen SmoothDryCut_5_Artizen
Step 4: Starting from the middle back vertical section, cut a guide line. Then continue with vertical sections to each side, cutting layers, using the guide from the previous section.
Step 5: On the sides, use vertical sections without elevation, holding the palm of your hand close to the face and the finger tips extended outward to to match the length of the back hair sections just under the crown.
SmoothDryCut_6_Artizen SmoothDryCut_7_Artizen
Step 6: Use the shear over comb cutting technique to clean up the outside perimeter line on the sides of the head. Using the points of the scissors to define soft textured edges that can be styled towards the face.
Step 7: At the crown, using vertical elevated sections, create the top hair line of the style by using the guide from previous section underneath to connect to the top hair length, creating an arc.
SmoothDryCut_9_Artizen SmoothDryCut_9_Artizen
The Artizen Mystyler Iron is also used to finish the style. Place the iron at the base of the hair to create a smooth curl from the beginning to the ends of the hair shaft. The iron has variable temperature controls heating up to 450°F for textured hair, if needed. For best results start at the base and roll the iron in an arc motion (no more than 180°) while maintaining tension on the edges of the iron blades. The Surround Heating™ feature of the Artizen MyStyler iron gives the hairstylist the ability to smooth and curl the hair in one step. To achieve the look of random curl patterns, each 2” section of the hair is curled in various directions with the iron rolled in an overhand or underhand position. The longer hair sections require only the first 180° revolution and then sliding the iron through to the ends to form a curl. The smooth dry hair cut was invented by Paul Chambers.