model Danielle_before

How to Create Sexy Long Curls


Before: Model with naturally dry hair.
Be Bold Step 1

Step 1: Working with 2″ parallel sections first slide the Dolphin iron quickly through the entire length. By warming the hair first, styles will hold in place longer. Then place hair between the plates at the roots and rotate the iron 180°.plates and rotate the iron 180°.
Be Bold Step 2 Be Bold Step 3
Step 2: Slide the iron through the entire length of the hair at a 45° angle. The Surround Heating™ quickly creates a perfect curl. Set the entire head this way.
Step 3: Tease the underneath layers of the hair to create volume. The Dolphin emits hydro-ions™ to seal the bonds, holding the curls in place even after teasing.
Be Bold Step 4 Be-Bold-Extensions-Step-5
Step 4: Tease the entire head. Section the hair for the addition of Hi Chic 100% remi human hair clip-in extensions.
Step 5: Also use the iron in the same way to curl the full head of Hi Chic clip-in extensions. The Dolphin’s digital temperature controls allows the precise heat, even for bleach blonde hair and extensions.
Be-Bold-Extensions-Step-6 Be-Bold-Extensions-Step-7
Step 6: Place the extension strips in the back with alternating sections of back-combed hair. The unique clip design of Hi Chic extensions holds them in place without having to use hair spray.
Step 7: Softly back-comb the rest of the hair in sections.
Be-Bold-Step-8 Be-Bold-Step-9
To complete the look, use a soft natural boar brush to smooth over the top of the hair and mold a bouffant hairstyle. The extensions completely transform the length and volume of the sexy waves created with the Dolphin iron.